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Introducing the Playful Printables subscription. A unique collection of printables for play-based learning. Including seasonal activities & crafts, learning materials & resources, carefully curated to support early learning and development.

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Why Playful Printables?

We’re all spending more time in our homes these days and keeping the kids entertained is hard work! Playful Printables is here to help!

Having spent the past couple of years sharing play inspiration on Instagram, we wanted to find a way of making it even easier for parents and caregivers to get playful with their little ones.

Playful printables is a way of not only sharing the play ideas but also providing you with digital resources to do those activities and hopefully save you some time in the process!

All our playful printables have been lovingly created using all our original artwork. We believe good design helps to engage children in play & learning!

Printables that promote play- based learning

Playful printables are not worksheets! They are designed to promote creativity and active, play-based learning. Above all they are designed to make playtime fun!

With our affordable monthly subscription you will have access to all our content to pick and choose from whenever you’re in need of activity inspiration! Content is updated regularly with helpful suggestions of activities you might like to try each month.

Our content covers a range of themes and early learning skills and is a mixture of:

* Activities to print and play straight away.
* Resources to make and use over and over again.
* Open-ended printables that can be used in a variety of ways.

Play Ideas & Learning Tips

Alongside the downloads, you’ll also get to see how we’ve used our playful printables at home! Learn what skills are being developed and how the activities could be adapted or extended to meet your child’s needs.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our content …

Only £4.96/$6.75* a month!

*price may fluctuate depending on exchange rate

* Access to our full catalogue of printables as featured on @inspiremyplay
* Play-based activity printables covering important key skills
* Resources & flashcards to support early learning
* Activity ideas and ways to extend and adapt them to suit your child
* New content added regularly
* This is a digital product. No physical products

Try some of our printables for free!

Rainbow Outline

Download our free rainbow outline printable below. We used this to create a puffy paint rainbow. If you’ve never tried puffy paint it’s so worth a go! Puffy paint is a mixture of shaving foam & PVA (school/white glue) and it is such a fun texture to paint with! When it dries, puffy paint is squishy and soft to touch. It’s the perfect activity for preschoolers and toddlers!

Water Blooming Blossoms

Take advantage of our flower outlines to create blooming blossoms in water. We coloured them in with felt tip pens and folded in the petals. We then placed them in our PlayTRAY lid in water and the petals gently unfolded as they soak up the water.


Why not collect natural materials to decorate our flamingo printable? We used petals from the back garden to look like feathers.

Autumn Egg Box Hunt

Go on an autumn egg box scavenger hunt! Print and stick the autumn printable into the lid of your eggbox. Match objects they collect to the pictures and place in the correct place in the eggbox.

Flower Fairies Stick Puppets

A simple craft to create flower fairies. Print these fairies (colour or b&w versions provided), collect some flowers and leaves and decorate your fairies. We used PVA to glue the flowers on- I love the Elmer squeezy bottles for this as you can squeeze on just a little at a time.

When cutting the fairies out leave some white card around the arms and neck for extra support. We attached our fairies to sticks using tape.

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on the 22nd April! To celebrate here are three different ways you could create your own Earth using our outline templates. We’ve included three different perspectives of the Earth.

Earth Nature Collage

This beautiful collage uses leaves from the garden to create the land masses. The sea is made up of cut up paper in different shades of blue.

Q-tip Earth

Q-tips are an unconventional art implement but kids love to use them and they are great for precision and fine motor skills! Provide them with green and blue paint to dot the land and water.

Bleeding Tissue paper Earth

Bleeding tissue paper is a special type of tissue paper that releases colour when it comes in contact with water. Often cheap tissue paper will have the same effect so it’s worth seeing if stuff you have at home works before buying specialist tissue paper. The effect is gorgeous though and definitely worth the money to use with different projects. When using bleeding tissue paper, wet the surface lightly first with a spray bottle. This will enable the tissue paper to stick. Once all the tissue paper is added, finish with another mist of water to make sure that it has all bled. Leave it to dry in the sun before removing the tissue paper. Finally cut out the Earth.

Add the leaves to the Sunflower

A quick print and play activity to practice careful counting. Collect leaves from the garden and add the correct amount to the stalk of the sunflower

Space Rocket

By popular request we’ve added our space rocket to download again this month! This is one that needs adult support to make, but great to be used for small world play afterwards.

Heart Pattern Matching

Print these hearts, cut them in half and you have a pattern and colour matching game. You could hide these around the house or garden for added fun!


How does it work?

Sign-up to Inspire My Play’s unique high quality downloadable printables- Playful Printables! As a member you will be given a login in order to view our membership pages.

We have recently made changes to our membership to give you access to all of our past content, as well as new content that is being added. There’s no need to download the content before it expires now as it will always be available.

Most activity printables will be accompanied by a play idea (or two!) to get you started, as well as information about the learning intentions behind the activity and how you might adapt it to suit your child.

How many printables do I have access to?

We have over 70 activity printables and resources to download and are adding more all the time!

Who are the Playful Printables suitable for?

Playful Printables are most suited for children between the ages of 2 – 6, with an emphasis on supporting early learning and development. However many activities are open-ended, enabling them to be accessed on different levels or are resources that could easily be used with older children.

What kinds of learning do Playful Printables cover?

Playful Printables encourage learning through play – they are not worksheets! There is a variety of content covering areas such as fine motor skills, numbers, creativity and imaginative play. Many of the printables are open-ended so that they can be used in a variety of ways.

How much is membership?

Playful Printables costs £4.95 per month (roughly US$6.75 depending on exchange rates). You can cancel at anytime.

How do I pay for a membership?

You can sign up to Playful Printables using your Paypal account or debit card via Stripe payments.

Can I sign up from anywhere in the world?

Yes absolutely! Paypal or Stripe take care of the currency conversion.

When will I be billed?

You will be billed on the day you sign up and then on the same day every month subsequently. 

How do I cancel?

On your account page you will find a link where you can cancel your subscription. Doing so will mean that you lose access to the membership when your current transaction/subscription is set to expire. To renew your membership you will be required to sign-up again.