Hello and welcome to playfulprintables.co.uk! This little corner of the web is devoted to equipping parents to make the early years fun, creative and enriching for their kids. Whether you are looking to do a few simple play activities at home or searching for toy and gift ideas that support early learning and development I hope you find inspiration here!

I’m Laura, early years teacher for 11 years and mummy to three gorgeous girls aged 5, 3 and 12 months. I’m passionate about the benefits of play in early childhood and am excited to have a little platform to talk about it! Becoming a mum has only reinforced my belief about how crucial these early years are in laying the right foundations for life-long learning.

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Did you know that the brain develops more rapidly in the first 5 years of life than at any other point in our lifetime? And that early brain development has a lasting impact on a child’s ability to succeed at school and beyond? That’s why the experiences, toys and play opportunities that we give our kids in early life really do matter!

Using my background in early education and my love for play-based learning I hope to help you discover and choose toys more wisely; toys that have lasting play potential and greater developmental and educational value. I’ll also be encouraging you to look beyond conventional toys to see how simple everyday items, many of which you’ll already have in your home, can provide the best play experiences.

And along the way I will be sharing some play ideas to get you started, as well as some of the educational and developmental background that can be helpful to know as parents. I also hope to inspire you to have a go at making some of your own toys and play resources and give you some ideas of unique gifts you can put together for the little ones in your life.

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Laura x